What is ECGF Training Network

*DISCLAIMER: The portal was developed by the European Coast Guard Functions Training Academy Network Project (ECGFA NET) during the years 2015-2019. Some of the information in the portal will be updated soon.




Purpose and goals

The European Coast Guard Functions Training Network (ECGF Training Network) is a voluntary association of educational institutions providing education in the field of coast guard functions in the member states of the European Coast Guard Functions Forum (ECGFF).

Network seeks to promote collaboration in the field of coast guard functions. For this purpose, the Network has

Developed this ECGF Training Portal for sharing information between the Network members, e.g. publishing information on training courses that are open to participants from other members of the Network.

Developed the ECGF Training Exchange Programme that promotes sharing of best practices, mobility and on-the-job training as a form of learning.

Contributed to the development a Coast Guard Functions Sectoral Qualifications Framework (CGFSQF).

The Network members may contribute to developing international education programmes according to their interests and expertise.



As per the Statement of Intent by European Coast Guard Functions Educational Institutions on establishing the European Coast Guard Functions Training Network, the ECGF Training Network will be overseen by a Governing Board (GB) comprising voluntary representatives of the network members and representatives of the ECGFF. The Governing Board will choose a chair from among its membership.  Futhermore the Governing Board will adopt Terms of Reference for its work and adopt an Annual Work Plan.

The Chair of the Governing Board will present an informal annual report on the activities and initiatives of the Network to the Plenary Conference of the ECGFF, which follows and discusses the network's activities and offers support to its members.