Maritime Search and Rescue Planners Course


About the course

The Maritime Search and Rescue Planner Course is a four week residential course organised at the Maritime Safety and Security Training Centre (MSSTC) of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM). The course is classroom based and involves lectures and individual scenario based exercises in the Labs on Search and Rescue Planning Software.

Learning Outcomes

The Maritime Search and Rescue Planner Course (MSRP) is a 4 week intensive program mainly based on Maritime Search Planning, aimed at those personnel who are earmarked to take up responsibilities associated with Search and Rescue Mission Coordinators, in a Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) mainly:

-     Understand the SAR System and Organisation

-     Investigate and obtain information about an incident to initiate response to a SAR incident which will be vital for the success of the operations.

-     Correctly use of Search and Rescue Planning Software (Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System, SAROPS) to enhance SAR missions.

-     Prepare and make a Search and Rescue Action Plan for Search and Rescue Units to carry out the Operation.

-     Coordinate, execute plans, and monitor the SAR System up and down the chain of command.

-     Be able to conclude operations and evaluate the mission.



Target group

Junior to Mid-Grade Officer (OF01 to 04) and non-Commissioned Officers (Shift leaders in RCCs) working in operational RCCs, Search and Rescue units, and operational staff.


English is the primary language of instruction at the Training Centre. Therefore, all applicants seeking admission must possess an adequate knowledge of written and spoken English as a prerequisite to admission. Students whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence that they have sufficient competence in written and spoken English to enable them to undertake their studies at the Training Centre. The minimum level required is Level 4 as per the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Proficiency Rating Scale.

Students chosen to attend this course will also need to be computer literate and able to use basic computer functions and programmes.

Students attending the course will be assessed through the various stages of the course and successful students will be qualified as Maritime Search and Rescue Planner Course from the Armed Forces of Malta.


There is an end of course examination 

Learning Materials

Learning material will be provided by the Institution to the student for the course


Armed Forces Of Malta
Maritime Safety and Security Training Centre
Maritime Squadron
Haywharf Base
FRN1820 Floriana Malta


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