*DISCLAIMER: This information is related to the implementation of the project between October 2016 - December 2017

Following the recommendations of the ECGFA NET project, an Expert Exchange Programme Pilot was undertaken during the ECGFA NET II project. The pilot phase was intended to experts working in organizations participating in the ECGF Training Network. The pilot begun by launching a call for hosts and exchangees in early 2017.

16 exchanges took place in the pilot phase. The exchanges took the form of on-the-job training or a course. After the exchange period, each exchangee carried out cascading activities in their home organisation. This meant spreading the lessons learned and sharing best practices to the benefit of the whole sending organisation.

The feedback received from the hosts and exchangees was posivite. There was a strong wish for the Exchange Programme to continue. A 2nd running will be executed in ECGFA NET III, with more diverse training opportunities and a broader participant profile.

Learn more of the pilot phase from this video:

Preliminary requirements for the candidates were:

  • Good level of English which enables interaction amongst colleagues. Should the exchange be in another language than English, the Host and the Exchangee should be able to provide all required documentation in English
  • Minimum of three years of work experience and expertise in the defined specialised category
  • Have not participated in the ECGF Exchange Programme during the last three years
  • Have a need and readiness for individual learning
  • Have the ability and willingness to cascade newly gained knowledge.