European Coast Guard Functions Training Network Student and Expert Exchange Programme

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is related to the implementation of the project between 2015 and 2019

In order to increase student and expert exchange and to enable an efficient sharing of the best practices, skills and knowledge, the ECGF Training Exchange Programme was developed. The programme is targeted to members of the Network but has also reached experts from the neighboring countries of EU.

On-the-job training is in the core of the programme. It is an efficient way to ensure learning by doing and to observe different practices, methods and even use of technology. Knowledge gained from the exchange is cascaded to others, which brings benefits on a broader scale. The programme has prompted ambitious cascading activities, comprising of presentations focusing on lessons learned and even comprehensive reports, full of recommendations for the home organisation to develop practices and capabilities based on what the expert has observed and tested during their exchange period. Furthermore, dialogues between organisations have continued even after the exchange period. 

The ECGF Training Exchange ran in two editions, in 2017 and in 2019.  The 1st edition was executed by the Finnish Border Guard, whereas SASEMAR coordinated the 2nd edition. In total, 57 experts from 15 organisations underwent training in the two editions of the programme which offered 33 on-the-job trainings and courses. 

The ECGF Training Exchange Programme has developed rapidly and demand for it has grown significantly. In its second running, 86 candidates were nominated to take part in the programme which had 42 places available. Candidates could apply to 3 hosting offers, which resulted in 207 applications in the 2nd edition. That is over 10 times more than in the 1st edition of the programme. In 2019, the first training course developed purely within the framework of the ECGF Training Network and its exchange programme came to life. This CGF course focused on traffic management with the aim of improving efficiency through VHF communications. The course was co-planned and co-instructed by SASEMAR and the Italian Coast Guard. It served as a cross sectoral training opportunity that also involved participating experts from Lebanon and Morocco. The CGF course was planned using the draft of Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Coast Guard Functions.