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Aboa Mare is a Maritime Academy and Training Center educating maritime professionals. With state of art simulators Aboa Mare develops and uses simulation and other efficient teaching methods, enabling skill and knowledge assessment through simulation. The navigation bridges in our simulation department are equipped with real instrumentation representing different Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands. In addition, we also have a complete engine control room (ECR) simulator as well as an ECR classroom simulator. The first-rate simulators are also used for different R&D projects within the maritime industry.

Aboa Mare has decades training co-operation with Coast Guard, Border and Coast Guard Academy and Navy Academy.

Maritime Academy
Aboa Mare offers Bachelor and Master level education at Novia University of Applied Sciences and secondary education at Axxell vocational institute. We educate Sea Captains, Marine Engineers, Watchkeeping Officers and Watchkeeping Engineers.

Training Center
Aboa Mare Training Center offers a wide range of courses for professional seafarers as well as simulator-based training to shipping companies and authorities all over the world. The training center provides safe and environmentally sustainable training, which fulfils the requirements laid down in the STCW convention. We offer ice navigation courses in accordance with Polar Code, Vessel Traffic Service courses and LNG fuel handling courses subject to the IGF Code. We also provide shiphandling training in ice and ice management training. The strongest asset of Aboa Mare is our ability to tailor-make courses for shipping companies.

We provide ice navigation training in accordance with the Polar Code

Aboa Mare and our partners offer ice navigation training in accordance with the Polar Code, shiphandling training in ice and ice management training. The Aboa Mare STCW Polar Code courses are carried out in association with DNV-GL and we offer both basic and advanced training. The course content is a result from good co-operation with the Finnish maritime cluster.

The ice navigation course covers a full range of ice navigation-related themes in detail and provides practical instructions and essential information needed to operate safely in Polar Regions or in the Baltic Sea during winter.

We keep developing the simulator training tools, because it is important for us to offer the best possible training and an optimal training environment. Our most recent R&D project is the Arctic Simulator Training Program (ASTP), which is developing a next-generation simulator for demanding winter and ice conditions.

Ongoing projects in R&D department for Maritime Simulations

  • ASTP
    Arctic Simulator Training Program
    Strategic and Operational Risk Management for Wintertime Maritime Transportation
  • ChemSAR
    Operational plans and procedures for maritime search and rescue in HNS incidents
  • Meri-Erko
    Training of specialists for the maritime cluster by a network of higher education institutions
  • STM Validation Project
    Sea Traffic Management (STM) Validation Project
  • ÄlyVESI - Smart City Ferries
    New solutions and services for the intelligent transport of mass traffic in urban waterways


Aboa Mare has the accreditation to give VTS Training

Aboa Mare has been audited by the Finnish Transport Agency and has the accreditation to provide VTS Training Courses in compliance with IALA Guideline 1014. Most Finnish and Norwegian VTS operators are trained by Aboa Mare. We also train VTS operators in the Mediterranean area on behalf of EMSA. We can provide tailor-made training for Operators who do not require IALA certificates.

International SAR Course

SAR (Search and Rescue) is not a daily business for persons working at sea. The majority of officers will not even get in touch with SAR incidents. If an incident occurs on the own ship or any other ship in distress requesting for assistance, initial measures have to be taken instantaneously. Aboa Mare arranges an international SAR course for the international shipping market. This course improves participants’ SAR-knowledge, leadership skills, and competences to act as an On Scene Coordinator during basic SAR operations conducted in close co-operation with the MRCC. The course fulfills the IAMSAR Manual and is intended for captains, senior officers and coast guard officers.

Basic and advanced training for ships subject to the IGF Code

The participants of the course will gain the minimum standard of competence in basic and advance training for ships subject to the Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code).

Quality STCW Training from Aboa Mare

Aboa Mare is STCW audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre to provide STCW-education and STCW-training. Finnish Maritime Authorities have also accredited us for Pilotage training and examinations. In addition, Aboa Mare is accredited by IALA for VTS training and by Nautical Institute for training in Dynamic Positioning (DP). Parts of our education are audited by DNV-GL ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards, which includes guarantees for Quality, Environment and Working Environment.


Hands-on training in our ship bridge and technical simulators

At Aboa Mare, we use the latest state-of-the-art simulator equipment and pedagogical tools to provide an enhanced maritime training experience in a simulated environment, promoting teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and confidence. In our simulation department, you find ten different ship bridge simulators, one engine control room (ECR) simulator, one VTS-simulator, one Navis DP-simulator and one GMDSS simulator. Our simulators allow the course participants to practice realistic situations in various conditions. Maritime simulations are our speciality in training, research, and product development!  


Accomodation facilities

Hotel accommodation is available for Aboa Mare's course participants. We co-operate with different hotels in the area and you can easily book the hotel of your liking through us.
Please find details of different accommodation alternatives on our homepage:

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Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21 , 20100 , Turku , Finland

Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100, Turku, Finland