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The Cyprus Police Academy is the exclusive body which provides education and further training to the members of the Cyprus Police. It was established in 1990 to replace the existing Police Training School when all training programmes were upgraded and expanded.

The Academy is a recognized School of Tertiary Education in accordance with Law 68(I)96 and enjoys the status of a Public Educational Institution of Higher and Tertiary Education.

The educational programmes delivered by the C.P.A. to all the members of the Police offer the possibility of education and further training for the acquisition of advanced knowledge, skills and practices based on the philosophy of contemporary law enforcement and the concept of life-long learning.

The educational programmes of the Cyprus Police Academy are designed according to the current needs of the Service and are in line with European standards.

In a rapidly changing world, the Cyprus Police Academy has a significant and responsible role to play when it comes to educating the members of the Police. This role is not only limited to the geographical confines of the island of Cyprus but also extends, mainly to the European area, in an effort to create modern law enforcement conditions.

The Cyprus Police Academy has established an intensive and productive co-operation with other Educational Institutions in Cyprus, Greece and abroad with the aim of disseminating knowledge and exchanging ideas and experience both on a theoretical as well as a practical level.

The Police Academy also operates the Office for Handling CEPOL (EUROPEAN POLICE COLLEGE) issues. Through this Office, the Academy collaborates closely with the Police Academies of other European countries and organises educational programmes, seminars and conferences for the further education and training of police members. In addition, the Office studies the decisions and directives enacted by the European Union.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Police Academy operates the Office for Handling Border Guard Training Issues / Frontex.


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RIK avenue, Aglantzia , Nicosia , Cyprus