Organisation Logo Meriturva consists of two units, Fire Training Unit at Navy Base in Upinniemi Kirkkonummi and Survival Training Unit in Lohja. Concerence services, Hotel, Restaurant and Saunas are available in Lohja

Institution description

Meriturva today consists of two STCW audited units offering maritime safety training. Annually we train over 4000 people; professional mariners, maritime students, authorities, aviation personnel, etc. Meriturva's operations are subject to Meriturva's Board that consists of the most important maritime interest groups in Finland.

The Fire Training unit located at Upinniemi Navy Base in Kirkkonummi has trained the majority of the Finnish mariners since it was established in 1976. Fire attacks, smoke diving and rescue from tanks are examples of the versatile training possibilities in Upinniemi. In the Fire training Unit there are several simulators for fire training, including a listing simulator, which demonstrates the increased difficulty to operate when the ship has a list. In 2010 the unit acquired modern, gas-burning training facilities with unique car deck fire and machine room fire simulators. Fire Training Unit got new modern classrooms in 2013.

Meriturva's Survival Training Unit is located in the city of Lohja. The large (27 m x 43 m) inside training pool is a superb place for survival training with its simulated weather conditions and a wide selection of modern survival and evacuation equipment. One of our specialities is a rare winching rescue helicopter located indoors. Meriturva also offers Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). At our life boat training station at Ojamo mine lake it is possible to train life boat operations around the year.

The simulated, realistic circumstances combined with sufficient theoretical knowledge and practice with repetitions, provide good learning results that can then be applied to real life situations. Individual needs and customer orientation are important to us. Our aim is that all our students feel they have learned something valuable at Meriturva.


Simulator Hall at Survival Training Unit

Safety is the key word in all Meriturva's operations. Our evacuation equipment represents the newest technology and we have a wide range of devices at your disposal from the smallest yacht raft to the biggest mass evacuation raft.

One side of the training pool building resembles a side of a ship and it is equipped with authentic ecvacuation equipment like an evacuation chute and a life raft station. Meriturva's evacuation devices are similar to equipment used in ships.

The adjustable conditions in Meriturva's Survival Training Unit pool like strong winds, three-foot waves, rain or darkness and sound effects add to the challenge and make the training situation realistic.

Rare helicopter simulators and HUET-training

Meriturva Survival Training Unit has a unique indoors rescue helicopter simulator. Teams learn to rescue and winch people from the water or from the life rafts up to the helicopter simulator that circulates in the ceiling up in 30 feet.

Survival Training Unit in Lohja is the only place in Finland that offers Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), which is survival training from a ditched, sunken helicopter. Meriturva's HUET training is not offshore certified but we do even more by tailoring the courses by customers needs.
Meriturva's pool building is large enough to create a sense of reality during the training sessions. The facilities enable familiarization with a substantial range of newest survival and rescue equipment. Meriturva provides even valuable test information to suppliers.

Training Pool

Length 141 feet (43 m)
Width 88.5 feet (27 m)
Water depth 13 feet (4 m)
Water temperature 70°Fahrenheit (21°Celsius)

Training Pool Special Effects

Waves, 3.6 feet high (110 cm), 7 different types of waves
Wind (12 wind generators, each generator 6.5 kW, 80 dB)
Sound effects

Training Pool Equipment

Exercise levels 1 m, 5 m, 9 m (3.2 feet, 16 feet, 29.5 feet)
Jumping levels 1 m, 2 m, 4.5 m (3.2 feet, 6.6 feet, 14.8 feet)
Exercise level at the end of the pool, depth 1.2 m (3.9 feet)
Stretcher carrying track, training height 9 m (29.5 feet)
Stretcher lifting shaft/vertical staircase, training height 10 m (32 feet)
Rescue helicopter, training height 9 m (29.5 feet)
Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET)
Shallow Water HUET training device (SWET)
High pressure compressor for the filling of diving and spare air equipment
Evacuation Chute System, Viking, height 9 m (29.5 feet)
Evacuation Chute System, Marin Ark 9 m (29.5 feet)
Davit launch station, height 5 m (16 feet)
Means of Rescue -davit with damper
Means of Rescue -raft for rescue from the water, lifting height 5 m (16 feet)
Life raft station for throw overboard rafts, height 5 m (16 feet)
SOLAS life rafts for 6-39 persons
Self-righting life rafts for 4-101 persons
Open rafts, ORL, for 30-65 persons
Aircraft life rafts (also for babies)
Life rafts for yachts (non-SOLAS)
Saiboat Guy 22
Life boat for capsizing and turning exercises
Various survival suits
Various life vests
Rescue nets
Life boat ladder
Davy-device for descending into the water/raft
Jason's cradle
Markus Lifenet
Pilot ladder
Windows on the long walls of the pool for observation and photography

Cold Water Pool

Length 4 m (13 feet)
Width 4 m (13 feet)
Depth 2.5 m (8.2 feet)
Water temperature 6° Celsius

Life Boat Station

Meriturva's life boat station is built on Ojamo mine lake in Lohja. The specialty of our life boat station is that it simulates a boat's listing as part of it lists up to 10 degrees to both directions. This makes the training and the use of equipment more realistic and challenging.

The station is even equipped with a current machinery that generates a current simulating a ship's moving in the water. Ojamo lake can be held open even in the winter, which enables training throughout the year. Meriturva has an extensive life boat fleet.

Our Fleet

Meriturva's fleet consits of four Fast Rescue Boats (FRB), a 50 persons totally enclosed lifeboat, a Free Fall Boat and MOB.

Fast Rescue Boat Schat-Harding Stinger 760 Jet (year 2014)

Manufacturer: Umoe Schat-Harding Equipment AS, Norway
Material: Glass Fibre
Engine: Bukh Steyr Turbo Diesel 6 cyl, 300 Hp
Water Jet: Alamarine 288 Jet
Dimensions: 7,92 m x 2,88 m
Weight: 3120 kg (6 pers.)
Capacity: 6 persons
Speed: 35 knots (3 pers.)
Authorization: SOLAS, NMD Offshore, CE, EC/MED, DNV

Fast Rescue Boat FRSQ 700A (year 2013)

Manufacturer: FAST RSQ, Holland
Material: Marine Aluminum
Engine: Bukh Steyr Turbo Diesel 6 cyl, 258 Hp
Water Jet: Hamilton 213
Dimensions: 7,22 m x 2,65 m
Weight: 2100 kg
Capacity: 15 persons
Speed: 36 knots (3 pers.)
Authorization: SOLAS, CE, EC/MED, Bureau Veritas

Fast Rescue Boat Norsafe Magnum 750 (year 2003 and 2005)

Manufacturer: Norsafe AS, Norway
Material: Glass Fibre
Engine: Bukh Steyr Turbo Diesel 6 cyl, 266 Hp
Water Jet: Hamilton 214
Dimensions: 7,70 m x 2,90 m
Weight: 2000 kg
Capacity: 15 persons
Speed: 34 knots (3 pers.)
Authorization: SOLAS, CE, EC/MED, DNV

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat Mathilda, Tanker model

Manufacturer: Norsafe AS, Norway
Material: Glass Fibre
Engine: Sabb, 39 Hp
Dimensions: 7,52 m x 2,84 m x 3,12 m
Weight: 3500 kg
Capacity: 50 persons
Speed: 6 knots (24 pers.)

Free Fall Lifeboat GES 18, Tanker model

Manufacturer: Norsafe AS, Norway
Material: Glass Fibre
Engine: Sabb, 39 Hp
Dimensions: 5,80 m x 2,35 m x 3,00 m
Weight: 3140 kg
Capacity: 23 persons
Speed: min. 6 knots (23 pers.)

Man Over Board Boat Midget 500 MKII

Manufacturer: Norsafe AS, Norway
Material: Glass Fibre
Engine: OB 50 HP Yamaha 2 stroke, 50 Hp
Dimensions: 5,10 m x 2,07 m
Weight: 650 kg
Capacity: 6 persons
Speed: 25 knots

Accomodation facilities

Hotel in Lohja for 51 persons, 30 rooms (9 single and 21 double), restaurant "Merituuli" for 60 persons

Contact & Location


Rajapartiokaari 6 , 08100 , Lohja , Finland