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It is the responsibility of the Portuguese Navy Diving School (EMERG), as an educational institution, to promote courses of specialization and promotion for officers, petty officers and sailors to serve in the Navy Diving Units.

It is incumbent upon the Navy Diving School to teach courses in the following areas;



  • Specialization in Clearance Diver for Naval Officers;
  • Advanced Diving Training Course for Petty Officers;
  • Basic Diving Training Course for Sailors;
  • Combat Swimmer Diver Course for Special Operation Teams;
  • Courses of Improvement in Subaquatic and Hyperbaric Medicine for Doctors and Nurses;
  • Scuba Diver and Diving Supervisor Courses for rescue agencies (Firefighters, Maritime Police, Civil Protection, etc);
  • Professional Diver Courses for civilians, in various categories.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal:

  • Improvement Courses in Explosive Ordnance Disposal of Land, Sea and Air Conventional Devices (EOD);
  • Improvement Courses in Explosive Ordnance Disposal of Improvised Devices (IED);
  • Improvement Courses in Search, Reconnaissance and Identification of Explosive Devices (EOR);
  • Improvement Courses in Demolition Operator.

It is also the responsability of the Navy Diving School to assist the General Directorate of Maritime Authority (DGAM) in issuing technical opinions on professional diving and carrying out tests for recognition of equivalences of internationally trained divers categories and final examinations of national divers.

The Navy Diving School also evaluates the TTP´s of the Operational Diving Detachments (DMS´S) during its certifications and national or international exercices.

It collaborates directly with the Operational Diving Detachments, other military and civil entities in the area of Explosive Ordnance Disposal issues.




The Navy Diving School endue the following;


Diving Gear;

- Autonomous diving sets (Open Circuit, Semi Closed Circuit and Clased Circuit);

- Semiautonomous diving sets (Open Circuit);

- Capability to manufacture breathable gaseous mixtures (NITROX, HELIOX, TRIMIX);

- Hydraulic and pneumatic underwater tools;

- Welding, cutting and fixing tools;

- Lifting ballons;

- Underwater image capture;

- ROV´s and AUV´s;

- Diving platforms and pneumatic ribs.


Training facilities:

- Deployable hyperbaric chamber;

- Fix on site hyperbaric chamber;

- Internal and external diving pool; 

- Classrooms, library and a EOD museum;

- Welding and cuting tank;

- Demolition range.




Accomodation facilities

We are able to secure accommodation and meals for military and civilian students.

Contact & Location


Base Naval Lisboa - Alfeite , 2810-001 , Almada , Portugal