Call for hosts in the ECGF Exchange Programme

Call has been launched to find hosts for on-the-job training in the ECGF Exchange Programme.

The ECGF Exchange Programme has been launched for the 2nd time. The programme will begin with on-the-job training that will last for maximum of five days and take place between February and June 2019.

How to register as Host?

The exchange programme is open for all members of the ECGF Training Network. Willing hosts are invited to fill out a preliminary hosting plan and send it to SASEMAR by the end of October. The template is found in the Exchange section (log-in required).

To coordinate the exchange, members of the Training Network are asked to appoint either a National or an Institutional Exchange coordinator who will facilitate the sending and hosting of exchangees.

New feature: Ask for Host

In case your organisation has identified a need for a specific training, please communicate it to SASEMAR by the 15th of October. A list of training needs will be developed and sent to members of the Network.

For more information, please see the Exchange section.