Give us your input on the Sectoral Qualification Framework for Coast Guard Functions

A stakeholder consultation has been launched in order to achieve inclusiveness and transparency. You are invited to review the work and give your input through an online questionnaire.

The Sectoral Qualification Framework for Coast Guard Functions (CGFSQF) is a framework for describing what qualification holders are expected to know, understand and be able to do at certain levels, in order to perform tasks related to coast guard functions. These descriptions are called learning outcomes. This means that knowledge, skills and competences are described in a common language, which supports comparability and compehensibility accross the EU. 

The CGFSQF is a voluntary tool and it is not aimed at prescribing standards for national training. Instead it respects the national training systems and helps to interpret knowledge, skills and comptences acquired from different qualifications. While it makes recognition of qualifications easier, it does not result in automatic recognition of qualifications between European countries. 

Visual tool for easy accessibility and comprehension

The structure and contents of the CGFSQF are presented in a visual form via this link: 


For each coast guard function, a table has been drafted. These tables follow the same levels as the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Levels reflect how the expectations of knowledge, skills and competences increase as learners progress to new levels. These levels and descriptors enable the comparison of qualifications in a compehensible and efficient way. 

All feedback is valuable

You are invited to review the draft CGFSQF and provide us your input. Your feedback is valuable for improving the framework.

Because the framework consists of a table for each function, you are invited to review only those functions that your organisation is responsible for. For function 5, maritime border control, Frontex has already developed an SQF, hence it is outside the scope for CGFSQF.

To access and fill in the questionnaire, please follow these instructions:


1. Follow this link:


2. After registering, you will receive your own credentials to enter the page.

3. Select the coast guard function(s) that you are responsible for in your own national context. Please review the selected function(s), its levels and each learning outcome.

You have the opportunity to express your opinion on the CGFSQF contents in the following manner:

  • Click "YES" if you agree with the learning outcome statement. You may provide comments or remarks.
  • Click "NO" if you disagree with the learning outcome statement. Please elaborate why you disagree. This feedback is precious for improving the CGFSQF.


The questionnaire allows saving your contribution step by step and returning to the replies before sending the final contribution.

For further information on the CGFSQF and the questionnaire, please see here. For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Italian Coast Guard's project team at wp4[at]

The CGFSQF has been developed under the leadership of the Italian Coast Guard with a group of experts from several European CGF organisations. The work is part of the European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network (ECGFA NET) project that is led by the Finnish Border Guard. The project receives funding from the European Union.