Training exchange programme for maritime experts is running again

The European Coast Guard Functions Training Exchange Programme is in operation again. The purpose of the exchange is to share knowledge and best practices among European CGF experts and organisations.

The 2nd running of the exchange programme has proven to be a success – there were 11 times more applications to the programme when compared to the pilot phase! Organisations also offered twice as many practical on-the-job trainings and training courses to the programme.

The exchange periods are now on the way and will last until June. The theme of the first exchange was on scene coordination, a training course organised by the Finnish Border Guard. Mr. David Toste from the Portuguese National Republican Guard’s coastal control unit took part in the course.

Learning about on scene coordination

Mr. Toste was happy with his experience in the exchange programme. He felt that there was added value in participating to a course offered by the Finnish Border Guard due to their experience in search and rescue operations in extreme conditions.

Half of the course was dedicated to practical training through simulator exercises.  

Mr. Toste felt that the combination of theory and practical exercises was beneficial to the learning experience. He learned about the tasks of on scene coordinator and about difficulties associated with stress and challenges in communications. These are lessons that he will share with his colleagues back home.

The ECGF Training Exchange programme is coordinated by the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency (SASEMAR). The exchange programme is organised within the EU-funded European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network (ECGFA NET) project. The project is led by the Finnish Border Guard.