Coast Guard Functions

coast guard

European Coast Guard Functions Forum is a non-binding, voluntary, independent and non-political forum promoting maritime issues of importance and of common interest across borders and sectors, both civil and military. Members include Coast Guards Authorities of 25 EU member states and Schengen Associated Countries as well the European Commission and its Institutions and Agencies with related competencies in Coast Guard Functions. ECGFF was launched in 2009 and is co-financed by the EU.

Coast Guard Functions cover a wide range of maritime issues related to maritime safety and security. Coast Guard Functions as defined by the ECGFF:

  1. Maritime safety, including vessel traffic management
  2. Maritime, ship and port security
  3. Maritime customs activities
  4. The prevention and suppression of trafficking and smuggling and connected maritime law enforcement
  5. Maritime border control
  6. Maritime monitoring and surveillance
  7. Maritime environmental protection and response
  8. Maritime search and rescue
  9. Ship casualty and maritime assistance service
  10. Maritime accident and disaster response
  11. Fisheries inspection and control 
  12. and activities related to the above Coast Guard Functions.